Betrayal of Cool

I`ve mentioned making a list full of awesome things that I want to do over the next few months. It really is a cool list, and I may actually post it somewhere if I find the time.

Yesterday was a good day, so I saw no reason not to try accomplishing one of the things on the list. This particular thing brought me to the Rock/Pop section of my local HMV.

I was looking for the letter S, and if there is one thing that always happens in situations like this, it`s suddenly forgetting the entire alphabet. It`s nice though, to discover other music. There are new editions of Pulp and Adam and the Ants out. Tyler from The Voice used to be famous. Jedward are a thing.

Soon, I found myself reciting the entire alphabet in silence, just to find the S, because I`m just that much of a nobbin. But I needn`t have feared, for the S was in sight, and so was my chosen CD.

Steps: The Ultimate Collection.

Yes, you heard that right. The awesome thing I set out to do was retrieving a bit of the incredible naivety I had back in the late nineties, when Steps were a thing. I grabbed hold of the CD and nearly cuddled it. That`s how excited I was. That is also how sad I am.

Inches away from luminaries such as The Smiths, I hugged a Steps CD. I felt like I had betrayed cool.

I didn`t end up buying it though. Partly because I`m low on funds this week. Partly because I really, really want to save up for the Best of: Tour Edition.

Isn`t that one of the great pleasures in life? Revisiting moments where you were really happy and nothing in the world could stop you? I mean, it might be a bit silly to buy that CD, but it means something to me. More than you think. I need that silliness in my day.

Not that I`m not doing well. I`m doing very well, actually, but I just need silly. Lots and lots of silly.

Silly is good.

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  1. I’m just gonna pretend you were going for either St Etienne or Stereolab, and your hand slipped. Yep, I bet that’s exactly what happened…


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