Good Morning, Eejit

This morning (or rather, an hour ago) I woke up feeling quite playful. Tired, but in the mood for a fiddle, with something extra. The “something extra” in this case was an entirely new toy for me. At the LFF, I got my hands on a little Wartenberg Wheel. It`s plastic, black and I am oddly fascinated by it.

I think I quite like sensation play. The pinwheel was oddly arousing. So arousing, in fact, that I immediately made a bolt for my Ladyfinger vibrator. It was going to be an excellent orgasm.

Until I fucked it up.

I have NO idea how I did it, but I suddenly felt a sharp sting in my finger. It wasn`t wank cramp. It wasn`t a spasm. I had, effectively, sliced my finger open with the pinwheel.

It is not a good way to start your day.

Believe me, I tried to soldier on. I tried to forget about the little hue of crimson appearing in the cut, as I let Ladyfinger buzz away on my clit, but fuck me if it didn`t hurt like fucking fuck.

I got dressed, decent and flew into the kitchen, plastering up the gash.

Good morning, eejit, indeed.

Still, I`m having a wonderful morning so far.

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