Project Dangerwank

Have you ever heard of Eastend Cabaret?

Well, if you have, kudos, because you`ll know what this is. If you haven`t, you are about to find out…

I saw these guys perform at the EM Birthday Party back in June, and I can safely say that there is nothing like getting a serenade from a saw. They are the divine and gorgeous Bernadette Byrne and the freak-sexual multi-instrumentalist Victor Victoria (or Bernie and Victy). They`ve just finished their first video, and I am bursting at the bits to show it to you.

The song is called Dangerwank. Yes.


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  1. THIS rocks! What an awesome song! And an awesome video!! Thank you soo much for blogging this! And great work at the munch Miss JB 😉
    Lily xxx

    • SO glad I managed to convert you to Eastend Cabaret! Spread the word, because they are the next big thing. And thanks! xoxo


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