Too Tired To Think Stealing

Welcome to Sunday Stealing, by now a steady fix on this blog. We (well, I am) playing the Too Tired To Think meme, which just about describes word for word how I`m feeling today. Except for the word meme. I don`t know how to feel meme.


On y`va…


1. You have 10 dollars and need to buy snacks at a gas station. What do you get?

Depends on what`s on offer. Crisps and Haribo sweets are my usual go to, but the occasional chocolate bar slips in from time to time. Or a sarnie if I haven`t eaten yet. Can you tell I do this a lot?
2. If you were reincarnated as a sea creature, what would you want to be?

A majestic dolphin.

3. Who’s your favorite redhead?

Camille Crimson, because she`s lovely and always really nice to me.
4. What do you order when you’re at IHOP?

I what?

5. Last book you read?

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. It`s really good and I`d recommend it to anyone in need of a confidence boost.
6. Describe your mood.

Flippety flappity floop. In general.

7. Describe the last time you were injured.

I don`t quite remember…
8. Of all your friends, who would you want to be stuck in a well with?

ILB, as long as he`s got jokes to last us a couple of days. I imagine I`d like to be entertained.
9. Rock concert or symphony?

10. What is the wallpaper of your cell phone? The number? (We’ll just say “hi” – promise.)

An Instagram shot of a good luck charm my aunt gave me. And I am NOT giving you my number!
11. Favorite soda?

Always Coca Cola… Although I do love orange soda. Is it true? I do I do I do I do, I DOOOHOOO! (if you got that joke, congrats)
12. What type of shirt are you wearing?

A shirt with Dennis the Menace stripes.
13. If you could only use one form of transportation?

The tube. I know, it`s a mess and it`s shit. But I still like it.
14. Most recent movie you have watched in theater?

Prometheus. I did not like that. At all.
15. Name an actor/actress/singer you have had the hots for.

Tim Minchin.
16. What’s your favorite kind of cake?

Red velvet. I love the slices that Tesco does.
17. What did you have for dinner last night?

Tomato-basil soup.
18. Look to your left, what do you see?

My sweater on a chair.
19. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

I wear sandals. Otherwise, yes, to an extent.
20. Favorite toy as a child?

Everything ever. All the toys.
21. Do you buy your own groceries?

Yes. I go to my local Tesco or Marks and Spencers nearly every day.
22. Do you think people talk about you behind your back?

23. When was the last time you had gummy worms?

A few months ago, I think.
24. What’s your favorite fruit?

Apples! Also, melons.
25. Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel?

No, seeing as I`m uncapable of such a feat.

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