The Barefoot Dom

Cross-posted to Fetlife. Title inspired by the fact that my play partner was actually barefoot. Enjoy!


Yesterday, I paid a visit to my new friend EvilC, at the store where he works. I ended up staying the day, just cooling down and chatting. It felt nice, just being with a friend and not lamenting a lack of job at home.

C offered me something I couldn`t possibly refuse. Now, be honest, who says no to a good roping up and spanking down?

I saunter up to the store (which doubles as the venue for my local munch), letting the hot rays of the sun beat down on my face. It`s one of those glorious days, where you just want to take all your clothes off and jump in a fountain.

I`m greeted by C and his partner, Mistress Emilia. Parched, I drink like a maniac, and chat with them about thisses and thats. Before long, C whisks me upstairs to the sweltering heat of the studio.

I get undressed, and lament the flimsy air-conditioning. C takes out his “magician`s rope”, and I watch as he expertly binds me.

“You could do this yourself. Wear it to work, instead of a bra.” he says. I chuckle at the notion, but am awfully tempted to get some rope for myself.

Looking at myself in the mirror is a trip. I`m there, in my bra and pants, bound with soft, red rope. And I kinda dig it. A lot.

He puts cuffs on me, which I inspect with great curiosity. I`ve never been cuffed before, so this is quite fascinating. The lush, purple lining tickles my skin and I surrender to the feeling.

C walks me towards the rack and cuffs me to it, telling me that I should pipe up when I`m feeling dizzy. I`ve discovered that I do tend to space out in a bad way when tied while standing up. It happens sooner than I thought, and C has to sit me down and give me something to drink.

Then, he binds me to the chair, taking out a beautiful pinwheel. He lets loose on my delicate skin, and soon finds that I am highly receptive to it. To the point of giggling, even.

After that, he unties me and leads me to the spanking bench, where the tools of the trade come out. He spanks me with… well, I don`t know what. I am too up in the clouds to recognize anything other than that bloody pinwheel!

It tickles and makes me twitch and turn, and C is highly amused by it all. I can`t help giggling my arse off.

The spanking continues. Although it gets harder and harder, I take it. Until it`s over.

C unties me, and gets me grounded again with a cold drink. He leaves me to gather sense.

Afterwards, I have a long chat with the good Mistress, and find my ground.

Later on, in the aisles of Tesco, I have a little giggle to myself, remembering the pinwheel…


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  1. heathercoleatvaginaantics

     /  July 24, 2012

    My ex-Master used to scene with me in business casual and barefoot. Oh a spanking bench! I SO want to be tied to one of those. Great fun, J! Thank you for sharing! xo

    • Thanks, love! I found it amusing that he just threw his shoes off. It was very informal, and quite cool. Ooh, business casual… phwoar… xoxo

  2. Sounds like a totally lovely day 🙂

    I know what you mean about not being able to stand for too long – I have the same issue, and have learned to let people know in advance. I do much better leaning onto/over something, or being tied sitting or lying down.

    xx Dee

    • It was a totally lovely day. Just feeling the effects of it and all the emotion from this week right now.

      D`you also find that you can`t really hold your arms up too long? I do much better just lying down or leaning over something. If there`s one thing I learned this week, it`s that playing can be quite exhausting for me. xoxo

      • I can’t hold my arms up too long on my own. If they’re being held up (with rope or cuffs) I can manage longer. But eventually the burn is too much.

        xx Dee

      • I get genuinely dizzy and lightheaded. Which is shit.

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