A Day At The Park

I spent some time getting dirty in a park today…

No, I didn`t scare the shit out of the entire population of my city by having a wank on the green.

Although this did happen…

Yes, this top isn`t exactly doing its best to hide my darling buds of May from view… But the upside is that I am wearing a highly flattering bra underneath, which helps a lot.

I spent time at the park, practicing some sketches. You might not know this, but I`ve become quite a craft lover. I`m currently trying to make some postcards to sell. I`m also trying to start up a bespoke erotica writing business, which excites me. And between all that, I`m teaching myself to draw filthy, dirty things….

This morning, I reckoned I could go to the park and read some erotica there. Geared up, with copies of The Sexual Life of Catherine M and Emmanuelle in hand, I headed over.

Well, tried to.

Real life got its ugly head in first. After it had stopped making silly faces and belching in my general direction, I made it there, and sat down under a tree. The urge to belt out Underneath The Mango Tree was huge, but I feared nobody would get my sly reference to Dr. No. Also, this is how my brain works.

The sketching went well. If all goes according to plan, I`ll upload them on here and on Fet sometime during the weekend.

Didn`t get the chance to read my saucy stuff, but I did get my craft on and made a lot of new cards.

D`you know what? Craft is sexy. Craft is hot. How bout DEM apples?

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  1. I love DEM apples…. xxx


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