My Gratitude List

The wonderfully glamorous Gala Darling has inspired me (yet again). She mentioned recently that she now makes a list of things she`s grateful for every morning, just to inject some positivity in her day. It`s working great for her. So I thought I`d try a gratitude list myself….

~ I am grateful for/happy because… ~

The music is in my heart * I have truly beautiful people in my life * Mum is coming to London next month*  I  rediscovered Pinterest this morning * I finally have a proper bed to sleep in * Come Dine With Me repeats* I have a Seth Lakeman concert recorded on Sky Plus * Random moments between me and the flatmate * It`s always cool meeting new people * I discovered Indian food * The London 2012 Opening Ceremony was amazeballs * I feel revived creatively and inspired to work on other projects* Sucking on marshmallows * The phrase “Oh, go stuff it up your val-pac.” *OMG ROBOT WARS IS ON DAVE RIGHT NOW * Waking up thinking “Holy shit, I LIVE HERE.” * Discovering Matalan* Discovering new facets of my personality* Did I mention Robot Wars is on Dave RIGHT NOW. * I decided to take a short break from tweeting and am getting stuff done* The intense bursts of love I feel in my chest. * Lady of the Sea by Seth Lakeman.* Gala Darling for inspiring me to live life to the fullest.* Colors.* Etsy.*

Finally, this quote. Just, this quote.

“Beyoncé isn’t Beyoncé because she reads comments on the Internet. Beyoncé is in Ibiza, wearing a stomach necklace, walking hand in hand with her hot boyfriend. She’s going on the yacht & having a mimosa. She’s not reading shitty comments about herself on the Internet, & we shouldn’t either. I just think, Would Beyoncé be reading this? No, she would just delete it or somebody would delete it for her. What I really need to do is close the computer & then talk back to that voice & say, Fuck you. I don’t give a shit what you think. I’m Beyoncé. I’m going to Ibiza with Jay-Z now, fuck off. Being criticized is part of the job, but seeking it out isn’t. That’s our piece to let go.” (Kathleen Hanna)

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