Desire For More

I can`t.

I want to. Believe me, I desperately want to. I am horny as fuck and I could use the release.

But I just can not bring myself to wank. It feels like I need to do everything else in my life first. I`ve got six or seven stories in the pipeline, a book proposal I`m trying to write, a small business I`m trying to manage and… yeah, the need to look for a job.

Orgasms are the very last thing I can focus on right now.

So it doesn`t come in handy that I`ve said I`ll try the 100 Orgasms in 10 Days challenge.

It`s like my mind is horny, but my body isn`t. All my body wants is a trip to Burger King and sleep.

But my greedy bitch of a mind wants it all.

It wants to frig me until my pussy is raw and dripping. It wants to shove me up against the wall and pound me hard. It is irrevocably aroused and wants to be sated.

I desire more. I desire my mind to be stimulated and my body to be brought alive by touch. Kiss. Taste.

Fuck it, my brain just needs to get laid.

Maybe then I could get my body co-operating again.

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