Jilly Writes An Ode

Inspired by Ashley Lister`s article on the ERWA blog, I decided to give writing an ode a go. This is my first attempt, and…. well, read on…



Eyes as glittering as gemstones
A smile bright like morning sun.
I want to ride you till you`re senseless.
And stick a finger up your bum


And I call myself an erotica writer…

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  1. Jilly,

    I enjoyed that (the ode, I mean). I don’t think there are enough poems with the word ‘bum’ in them. It’s a delightful word that isn’t really offensive yet it refers to a part of the anatomy that prudes would have us believe is rude.

    The scansion for the final line could be improved (to match the metrical rhythm of the second line) if you changed it to: ‘with a finger up your bum’.



    • Well, that means a lot coming from you, Ash. `Bum` is one of my favorite words ever.

      It does sound better like that… Hmmm


  2. maninchains

     /  August 9, 2012

    This made me chuckle! It’s been so long since I got a finger in my bum! Too long!!!


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