Shifting Gears

So, after a weekend of being in the “erotic bubble”, I am currently trying my best to get back in the weekly swing of things.

I`ve already been to the store to get some breakfast, done some laundry and cleaned house. I`ve got two more bouts of laundry to do, cards to make and a store to set up on Etsy.

This is real life for me. I still have no steady job (but have faith that I will have soon), so I keep myself busy as good as I can. The card-making has proved very therapeutic. It`s combined with lots of reading up on how to start a micro-business, and honing my erotic writing skills.

So the bubble seeps into the cracks of real life.

I`ve always had trouble keeping the two lives apart. Maybe it is because I was very open to the people around me from the start. Or maybe because it was the only life I felt myself able to lead at home. It certainly was more interesting than looking for flats and lying on the couch all day.

But life has shifted, and I`m now much more active during the day. I`m getting up at a proper time, going outside every day, and actively looking for a job. I have a life outside the erotic bubble.

It takes some getting used to. This morning, I felt like I needed to shift gears between lives, and get back to the daily grind.

And I like that.

I like that Kinky Jilly is not the only facet of my life. Sure, she tends to seep in through the cracks. Which is also fine. Vanilla Jilly tends to seep in the other way too.

It feels like my life is in more of a balance than it was some months ago. I`m learning how to do the independent thing, making my way in life and having a good time.

I`m slowly adjusting to life in Essex. And I wouldn`t want it any other way.

And if you made it through this post without wanting to completely give up on the notion that this is, in fact, a sex blog, congratulations.

Here`s a little tidbit for you, just as a reward.

I wanked last night. I have no idea how many orgasms I had, but they were all glorious. All eleventy-billion of them.

I feel good about wanking again. Yay.

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  1. Theo Black

     /  August 6, 2012

    Keep on trucking, Jill. You’re getting to a good place. xo

  2. Do you live in the flat above mine? Someone was enjoying herself there last night! And good for you in sorting things out, hope it goes well for you x


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