Mamma Do The Spank

Cross-posted on Fetlife. Enjoy!


If you were in the Chelmsford area last night, and you saw a strange lady with a bag of ice passing you by, chances are, you ran into me. The strange lady was on her way to the Chelmsford Munch and Play, with a bag of ice for the air con.

I arrived in time to be greeted by EvilC and Mistress Emilia. And the rain. Huddling inside, I attacked the buffet, because I tend to do that when I`m dying of nerves. The venue filled, and I spotted some familiar faces. Still, I felt uncomfortable. This was my first munch and play, and I had no idea what to do.

I came with the intention of letting my dormant Domme out (I`ve tentatively named her Mistress Pixiewitch, because of course) but I felt faint. Here`s some top advice for ya. Don`t go to anything BDSM-related without having had at least a bit of food to eat. Food. Not strawberry laces and toffee.

So, I spent some time getting to know people and observing. It was interesting to behold. A man in a full rubber suit. Suspension. Something affectionately dubbed “The Subby Slayer” (a massive plank of wood, painted white, with the words “Subby Slayer” written on it in marker). It was all a bit weird for me.

I escaped upstairs to find Mistress Emilia in session with a chap I met earlier on. After they had wrapped up, I sat down in a chair and told the chap (the very lovely ManinTyres) what was troubling me.

He offered me a foot rub, which I gladly accepted. We got to talking about the thisses and thats of being a sub, and why I wanted to see if I had a Domme side.

Then, he offered to be my guinea pig for the night. Again, I gladly accepted, and before I knew it, I had a man in frilly panties offering his bum up for a spanking. Luckily, EvilC showed me some tricks of the trade and I ended up enjoying myself.

Doing the Domme thing for the first time left me a bit confused. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, and whether I was doing a good job. I felt drained afterwards. Tyres was a gentleman and got me a drink and a massive hug. Which was good, because I did need it.

Later on, I ended up slouched over the spanking bench with a lovely girl in a school uniform. I`d met her at O&I and finally got the chance to speak to her. She gave me a hand rub and we talked for a bit. I cried on her lovely uniform.

The night passed by in a whirl. Soon, I found myself back at my flat, in bed, trying to make sense of all of it. It`s the day after, and I still can`t.

I`m going off for a wander later on, just to ground myself.


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