Happy Smiley Search Term Round-Up

It`s been a long time, but I figured that today I will entertain you with some of the gems I`ve been getting as search terms lately. You know the thing. In your stats, you can see the kinds of search terms people have been using to find your site (or anything on the internet that might have been vaguely mentioned on your site, once, when drunk).

These terms are often ridiculously funny. Often ridiculously scary. Even more often a healthy balance of the two.

So, let me regale you with the best of the last month. With additional running comment from yours truly, because is is my wont.



“oh my god she is”

… Yes? Do continue. I`d love to know what she is.


bare nude body pictures/photos of mom teaches sex to her son

Ehm… try another site?


how to haveio an orgasam during masturbation

Keep going until you feel slightly off-kilter. Also, what`s an orgasam?


a trip to my clitors

Now booking trips! Get your tickets to the exotic and sunny destination of the year! Also, it`s CLITORIS. Not clithorse.


“cooper beckett” egotist

Coop, I think someone`s out to get you.


boy sees mom pussy tumblr -gay

Again, do try another site.


dirty creepy crawly beastiality sex stories

And this is how people find me.



son spreads cum all over her georgeous body

I`m getting a lot of hits for sons doing something to people…. Must be that kind of month. Also, stop hurting my inner grammar-Nazi!


does reading bare to you make you horny?

Can`t say I`ve tried it.


sex only for adults ledi end jents



hoem maed gill wanking her sejf off

Seriously, wat.


a horny man´s wild idea series vol 1, if you could stop their movement, what would you do – video scene 3

It`s time for a game of specifics!


hairiest ever fannies

I do not want to see what the results are. And yet, I do.


sexy child girl sperm spit freckles



my cunt is wet in the delegation

A whole delegation of wet cunts. Just muse on that idea if you will.


join rabbits fuck pixies

My new life motto, here.


I think that`s a good one to wrap up on. So, if you`ve got any stories of weird search terms, please don`t hesitate to leave them in the comments or start a post of your own!

And yes, this counts as a proper post for today.







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  1. Personal favourite of mine has always been “Pretentious Lesbian” , closely followed by “World’s Most Beautiful Anus” (yes, it’s a phrase I have used)… slightly worrying is that I keep getting the word “lesabian” turning up, which implies I’ve made a horrible spelling error somewhere on-site.


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