LLB Question Time #1

The lovely Jack of Frisky In the 916 fame has sent me some questions to answer. I thought I`d make a lovely blog post out of this. And then I thought I could make a series of it.
So, welcome to LLB Question Time!
I`m here to answer your sexy questions, give sexy advice and say lots more stuff that isn`t even remotely sexy (but I shall call it sexy).

Now, let`s begin answering these questions, shall we?


What single quality do you value most in a sexual or romantic partner?  If you have a partner currently, does he/she possess this quality?
I value a lot of things in a partner, but the one thing I value most is a decent sense of humor. I would love for my partner to make me laugh when I`m a bit down. And I love making partners laugh in return.
What is the longest a sexual experience of yours has ever lasted?
An entire afternoon.
Describe a sexual fantasy you’d like to fulfill someday, for yourself or for a partner.
I would love to have sex while in water. I have a thing with water and I just love to immerse myself. Walking by the water soothes me. Listening to heavy rain soothes me.
Oh, and I would LOVE to kiss in the rain. Definitely on the list.
What is your single favorite place to be touched?  What is your single favorite place to touch a partner?
My favorite place to be touched is my stomach. But I would only let you touch me there if I`m comfortable with you. A kiss in the neck is also a favorite thing of mine.
Favorite place to touch a partner is the lower back. Just resting my hand there, stroking, tickling. Nice.
If you have any questions for me, or would love advice, or anything ever, just drop me a line in my inbox.
Random to sing us out?
Of course.


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  1. Thanks for the well-thought answers, and the kitten. 🙂


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