Reviewing ~ Lelo Gigi

I recently got an email from Adam at Strawberry Blushes. He was looking for a few good toy reviewers, and I grasped at the chance to be one.

He sent me a list of toys to choose from, but I didn`t need to look for very long. Because on that list was a toy that I had wanted for quite some time. Something that I had actually asked for my birthday last year.

It was the lovely Lelo Gigi.

And yesterday, it arrived.

I got straight into crafting this very review…



3,5 inches insertable surface.

6,5 inches overall.

Soft to the touch, but hard underneath.

Deep Rose color (this varies from Gigi to Gigi, of course)

Flat head, for G-spot stimulation.

Five vibration patterns.


The Experiment


It took me a while to figure out how to use Gigi. After fiddling with the buttons, I had accidentally locked it, and I had no idea how to unlock it. Needless to say, panic happened.

Eventually, it all turned out alright. Of course it did, otherwise I wouldn`t be writing this review.

I had pretty much figured out what my favorite vibration pattern was, but I was determined to test them all. Lying down on my bed, I got myself comfortable and pants-less, ready for action.

As I mentioned, there are five vibration patterns, which you can cycle through with the arrow pad controller. The up-and-down direction changes the pattern, while the + and – buttons increase and decrease the speed.

Pattern one is a steady vibration, like you`ll find in most vibrators. This one is my preferred one, as it`s the kind of vibration I`m used to having. I need a lot of it to warm me up, so this was perfect.

Pattern two is a sort of pulse.

Pattern three is a faster pulse.

Pattern four is a rapid throb.

And pattern five is a rise and fall. You can compare it to being on a roller coaster.

All of the patterns are fairly quiet and sufficiently strong.

Now, of course, this is a G-spot toy. The flat head is perfect for it. I tried it out, but came to the conclusion that I do need more oomph against the G-spot to get me squirting. Something I do get from the Ella, Lelo`s G-spot dildo.

What it is excellent for is clit stimulation. The flat head nestles wonderfully against mine, and you can test out different positions to see what works best for you.

In the end, I resorted to my usual way of masturbating (fingers on clit, toy inside). It felt great, because Gigi is not too big and not too small. As Mina said in her review, it prides itself on being “just right”.


What`s Good

  • Aesthetically very pleasing, as is Lelo`s wont.
  • Vibrations not too loud.
  • Good for clit stimulation and G-spot stimulation.
  • Doesn`t take long to charge.


What`s Iffy

  • The position of the control panel. While it gives Gigi a lovely look, it is also the spot where my thumb rests. The amounts of times I accidentally switched the vibration pattern were plenty.
  • You can`t really give it as much thrust as you can with, say, the Ella.



In the end, it`s all down to personal preference. I enjoyed my play time with Gigi, although it didn`t make me squirt, like I thought it would. If you like your toys to be elegant, and if you don`t need that much thrusting for your G-spot, Gigi is perfection. If you want something flexible, and you want to thrust like a mofo, I suggest you get the Ella.


For more lovely sex toys for ladies, do check out this section of Strawberry Blushes. Or go through the entire catalog of naughtiness at Strawberry Blushes`s website….

Thank you to Adam for sending me this lovely toy!

Now, please enjoy some pics I took of Gigi this morning. Go on. ENJOY IT.




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  1. heathercoleatvaginaantics

     /  August 11, 2012

    I have a Lelo Ina that I adore, but my girlfriend suggested buying a second Lelo for double the fun. *blush* Based on your review, I think Gigi wins it. Thanks for the advice! xo

  2. Hey Jilly, glad you enjoyed your new toy. I’ll be sure to find something with a little more ‘thrust’ for you next time ^_^


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