My Liberation

I slipped into the bath, letting the water coat my cold flesh. It felt magnificent. Like a watery comfort blanket. It was one of my down days.

I`d had a good day overall, but it suddenly all hit me at once.

I haven`t seen Mum in nearly two months. Dad is fluctuating on the scale of fine and terrible. I have a book proposal, waiting anxiously for more words. There are stories to write, but I`m not writing them.

I needed to relax.

The bath eased my aching muscles, and brought inspiration. It`s funny how you get your best ideas in unusual places. Half my ideas are conceived during dish washing, or baths or loo visits.

Thoughts flitted through my head. 21 and wanting to settle down. Wanting a life of my own, wanting to break free from the mold.

I should be out there. I should be dancing.

I should be living.

I could break free of all the dark thoughts in my head and start living.

And I am.

This is my liberation.

It`s my time. At last!

I am free of the bounds from years gone by and I am free to fly higher than the phoenix can.

I am the phoenix!

Watch me soar across the sky, clad in armor golden.

Just watch me world.

Just you fucking watch me.

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