Gratitude List ~ Monday Morning Edition

I thought I`d start the week out well with another gratitude list. I wanted to title it The Nolympics edition, seeing as we collectively saw out London 2012 last night (and I watched EVERY BLOODY SECOND OF IT). But instead, I went for spicing up one`s Monday morning. Because, really, that`s what we need. A smooth, non-grumpy Monday morning that makes people feel happy instead of GRRRRR.

So, here we go!

Today, I am grateful for/smiling because/completely loving ~

My best gal Elenya getting a story accepted for publishing! ~ How To Write A Dirty Story by Susie Bright ~ Happy Olympic memories ~ Hanging at the library, just cruising around, learning and discovering ~ Getting truly wonderful and lovely and inspirational emails from friends ~ Getting to know Essex better (she`s a fickle mistress, that) ~ My evolution ~ My revolution ~ Making MOAR cards ~ Peace and quiet ~ Come Dine repeats in the morning ~ Brian May`s jacket during the closing ceremony ~
And, of course, all my lovely friends. I <33333 you all.


Picture of the day


I`m loving these articles!

10 Radical Self Love Exercises To Boost Your Summer Loving (on Gala Darling dot Com) 

The Power Of Writing Your Heart Out (on Medicinal Marzipan with Mara Glatzel)

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