This Fire ~ Poetry


My god

Do I ever

melt at the tone of your voice

sizzle at the heat between

our bodies

cry out in frustration

too much fabric

covering your bare bones

my god

I want to make you mine

can`t you see

can`t you feel

the way my body

yearns for another kiss

another touch

another taste

of the tip of your tongue

the warmth of your lips

and the curve of your hips

you make me spark

a fire beyond

all known desire

and I feel in my gut

the bubbles of

champagne ecstasy

drink me

eat me

devour my body with your greedy lips

lap at the honey

between my thighs

and make the fire

burn and

consume our

hungry lust

Take me

Shake me

Build me up with each thrust.

For this fire

deep in my soul

can never be sussed.


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  1. I love this. I especially love how short the lines are, adds to the overall feel of it.


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