Friday Five

I woke up in a decidedly different mood than yesterday. Almost alive. Not drowning, or bumping into the proverbial brick wall anymore. I want to do stuff today. Stuff that makes my Friday that much more productive, or bright or simply better.

So, I decided I should share some of those things with you. Here follow five things I’m going to do with my Friday, and five things to make your Friday a wee bit more More. If you get my drift.

~Today, I Am Going To ~

♠ Do some rewrites on a story I’ve been working on.

♠ Tidy my room and take out the trash.

♠ Take a long and lovely shower and give myself a scrub.

♠ Buy some stuff that I really quite fancy, thanks.

♠ Write a first draft of a new story.

~Why Don’t You ~

♥ Treat yourself to something you’ve been craving all week.

♥ Go out dancing!

♥ Take a long bath, with plenty of bubbles.

♥ Get creative and sketch, write, paint, anything you want!

♥ Celebrate Friday by making yourself a massive dinner.

~Friday Viewing~

Seth Lakeman ~ Lady Of The Sea, chosen just for you as a soundtrack to this beautiful end of summer day.



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