Things To Do And Things To Don’t

I’ve set myself some challenges for this month. Here is a list, subject to change of course.


~ This Month, I Will ~

Finish a story ~ Find a home for a story that got rejected ~ Write the bones of something non-erotic ~ Plan my book ~ Be a good girl and take my vitamins properly ~ Clear out my wardrobe ~ Finish at least two library books ~ Learn how to cook at least one great dish ~ Eat better~ Get good at knitting ~ Make more cards.


~ This Month, I Will Not~

Partake in any memes~ Let the flat break out in filth ~ Forget to take out the bins~ Go to events that will cost me too dearly ~ Eat any more Costa brie and bacon paninis ~ Wallow in self pity ~ Forget to pay the rent ~ Forget to keep in touch with the family~ Forget to mind my finances~

And most of all

This month I will take care of my mind, body and soul. With any means possible.

I’m weirdly happy that summer is over. It was everything I want it to be, in that it was passionate, filled with lovely things and lovely moments and proved that I can make a living for myself here in Essex.

But I’m also happy that the days are running shorter. That soon, the leaves will begin to fall and rain will drizzle and pour. Winter will come and we will all be freezing our tukhusses off. Zombies may come and go. But to tell you the truth… I kinda like that. I kinda like the idea of bundling up in a huge winter coat and stalking to the train station. Hiding under duvets, drinking hot chocolate. Christmas.


It’ll be the first one I’m not spending home, I think. At least the first one I’ll not be spending in the company of my parents. That’ll be weird. Maybe too weird. Maybe I actually need to save up to spend the holidays with them.

Yes, I think I’ll do that. Or have mum come over for the sales. Either way, I kinda don’t want to spend Christmas alone. No matter how much of a depressed hole our house will be, I just want to wake up on Christmas morning to presents and hot chocolate. Eat something intrinsically Belgian for dinner. Watch silly telly shows.

I miss home. Just a touch.



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