Gratitude List : We So Excited Edition

Time for a bit of positivity, me thinks! So, here’s another edition of the Gratitude List, this time in a neatly festive Friday Edition.  I’m also looking forward to a couple of things, so I’ve made a handy list of that.


~Little Things That Made Me Smile ~

~ Lying down on a square in The City ~ Navigating Canary Wharf ~ “Oh my fuck, how big is that building even?!” ~ Playing a game of “Where’s Torchwood” ~ Sudden bursts of passion and dirty words ~ The abundance of strawberry laces I ate this week~ Finding a beautiful dress that fits me in a charity shop for 7 pounds 50 ~ Knit! Purl! Knit! Purl! ~ Starbucks will take over the world ~ Everything is University Challenge and nothing hurts~


~ We So Excited About~

Explosions of passion ~ Dirty, dirty words ~ Long walks ~ Good food ~ Hugs and cuddles~


~ Picture pour toi ~


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