Locker Rooms and Australia And Sexy Things Oh My!

Right, right, right! Order in the sitting room, please! The Barenaked Lady has an announcement to make!

Whilst you make yourselves comfortable on my purple bean bags (yes, I do have this planned in my head and it involves purple beanbags, what of it?), I want to give you a little update on the writery things I’ve been up to in the past few months!

Yes, this is indeed a shameless pimping post, but I feel like the time is right for you to grab a piece of me (not literally) and read what I done wrote. Please. Please?

First up, this little nugget. As of yesterday, I can be found in Gay Erotica, Volume 10 : Four Hot New Tales of Desire. I’m in it as Jay Boyd, my first foray with a male pen name (a pen name which The Flatmate described as “highly unoriginal”.)

The story is called Work It Out and takes place in a gym. Of course. Gym receptionist Callum harbors a hot crush on regular customer Alec. And when Alec asks him for assistance on the weights, it’s the start of a sizzling afternoon…


The second story is The Fucking Oasis, which was recently published on Oysters and Chocolate. It’s the story of a tourist, who gets lost in the outback of Australia and ends up in a manor where she soon discovers the merits of being sandwiched between four buff men…

It’s one of my favorite stories. Just imagine a sweltering outback, lush nature and men who aren’t averse to a little casbah-rocking. Yeah, makes you want to invest in a ticket to Sydney, doesn’t it?


If you haven’t seen yet, I am now a resident sexpert on Singles Warehouse XXX! The full list of articles can be found on my Where To Find Me page. The latest is called The Language Of Sexand is about…. well, talking dirty in different languages!


I also a regular contributor on Cliterati, where my story A Dirty Kind Of Grace is being serialized. It’s a massive work in progress, but I would love for you to tag along! You can also find my new story Aussie Girl there.


Finally, I was interviewed by the lovely Jenny Lyn on her blog. This was in regards to Felt Tips , the first charity erotica anthology based entirely around office supplies!


So, that’s what I’ve been up to recently. In the cards are two more stories, one about a sexy baker boy and one being my first foray into historical erotica. The rest…. it’s still unwritten, I guess.




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