Televised Annoyance

I’ve been thriving today.

I got a lot done, including another 1k words on a new project. I felt on top of my game. That was until I sat down in front of the television.

As Gordon Ramsey’s impossibly bewrinkled face filled the screen, I felt decidedly nonplussed. Like I’d been feeling for a while now when it came to television. The excitement of plopping down for the day with ice cream and a blanket had been replaced by this nothingness.

Jamie Oliver seems more annoying than ever. Ramsey himself can’t seem to shake that fucking annoying whisper/scream thing he does. Come Dine With Me is like a skipping record and the prospect of investing twelve more weeks into a series of Strictly Come Dancing fills me with dread.

It’s clear what’s wrong.

I don’t like television anymore. Apart from Doctor Who, University Challenge and Only Connect, nothing catches my interest anymore.

It’s bad enough that I’ve actually developed a routine around telly watching!

So, the telly’s going off tomorrow. I am going to finish my story, and maybe even start a new one. And I am going to ween myself off my routine.

I am determined to enjoy life, with or without a telly!


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