I’ve been in a creative slump as of recent. It’s silly, I know. I love what I’m doing and I love everything I do. Sometimes I just get brain freeze and go blargh. And then nothing happens in the brainbox and I can’t find anything to write about.

But then you have a really excellent weekend and you discover that you have the most amazing friends (all over again) and that you are a really talented writer. Which is definitely a good thing. The resounding headache that follows, however, isn’t.

I’m slowly resurfacing from my slump. With headache, but I’m alright. I’m great, actually. I’ve got a lot of good news! News which is good! Yay!


Good News Nugget 1 : I’m going to be a contributor on Dork Adore!

Good News Nugget 2 : My new Singles Warehouse XXX article is live!

Good News Nugget 3 : I am about 1800 words short of a new story being complete!

Good News Nugget 4 : In two weeks time, my hair will look slightly less menacing!


That last one is a good one. I had a hairdressers appointment scheduled for today, but had to reschedule. Which did not please me. For my hair is awkward. And bouncy. And rebellious.

There’s lots of good stuff happening in my life, which I’m chuffed to bits about. Unfortunately, there’s some not so great stuff too. Mum’s checked herself into the hospital for her neck. It turned out that it was completely stuck. And that she has diabetes.

But this is good, as it inspired me to eat healthier. I don’t want that hassle of having diabetes in my life.

So, good good, good bad, cheerio old chap and tiddlywinks away!


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