Frequently Asked Lady Questions

The wonderful Mina of At Longing’s End did a post where she dispelled frequently assumed assumptions about her. Since I totally dig Mina and her brain, I thought I’d do this myself.


Frequently Asked Lady Questions (Or FALQ)


1. Why did you start a sex blog without having a sex life to talk about? You must have been desperate for a shag!

Fuck no! I started a sex blog because I was blossoming sexually and needed a place to vent about my discoveries. I felt ridiculously alone in the world. And I definitely wasn’t desperate for a shag!


2. Why don’t you talk about sex anymore?

Because I choose to focus on other topics too. Sex is something I don’t feel like writing about at the moment. It’ll probably come back, but for the moment, you’re stuck with me, ranting about other things.


3. Does it turn you on that other people get turned on by your writing?

It doesn’t. I like that my work doesn’t miss its effect, but it doesn’t turn me on.


4. You’re a sex blogger, you post openly about your sex life…. are you up for a shag?

In the words of the great Michael Kyle… Err… no, actually. Being a sex blogger doesn’t make me an easy lay.


5. Do you really think you’re the next Caitlin Moran?

No, but I would like to be more like her. If I could have just a teeny, tiny bit of Caitlin’s genius, I would be over the moon. I desperately want to be her friend, or at least collaborate with her, but I don’t think I want to or will ever be like her.


6. How did you get Danny Wallace to email you?

By emailing him. He’s genuinely a cool bloke and was lovely to me. I saved the email and refer to it whenever I get down on myself.


7. So, you’re what… a lesbian? What are you, even?

First of all, I’m human. And second, I’m a Lady.

Sexually, I identify as queer, but sexuality is fluid.


8. Do you want to be famous?

I want to be a writer. If I’m a famous one, well, yay.


9. Have you any unfulfilled ambitions?

Of course I do. Fuck, I have so many. I still want to be a Bond Girl. I want to see the F1 live. I could give you the entire list, but we’d be busy for quite some time.



10. Which celebrities do you desperately want to be friends with?

Marian Keyes, Caitlin Moran, Grace Dent, India Knight, Danny Wallace, Ian Rankin, NEIL FUCKING GAIMAN.

I have a wall chart above my bed which has all my goals and dreams on there, and one of them is “Have Lunch With Neil Gaiman”. Seriously.


If you want to do your own list of frequently asked questions, or leave a question for me, do so! The comments are open and waiting!




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  1. Thanks for joining in the fun! I enjoyed learning a little bit about you.


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