Jillian At The Movies

I have, as us Belgians say, fallen with my ass into butter. Wow, that doesn’t translate well… The point is that I got very lucky this week. I’ve been pissing and moaning about wanting to be a movie reviewer for the last twelve years. I can clearly remember typing out reviews on the school computer, much to the hilarity of everyone else in my class. Movie reviews are not something that one does in one’s spare time, for shits and giggles, apparently.

Anyway, fast forward some years. I have just submitted my first movie review for Dork Adore and I can’t be more chuffed. I’m doing something I love and this time, people will actually read it!

I don’t even remember where this obsession with movies comes from.

One day, I just went to the cinema, and never stopped going. One year, I made a list of everything I had gone to see that year and my mother’s jaw (quite literally) dropped when I told her we had seen 48 films in the cinema that year.

Of course, moving to a town without a cinema made a big difference. I stopped having the urge to go and pay an extra ten euros for the train ticket, like the entire student population of my town seemed to do every weekend.

I would never go and see 48 films in a year again. Not with the prices these days. It costs an arm and a leg to get a decent seat, and the food is too damn expensive for what it actually is.

Yes, I can be quite a miser when it comes to the cinema. Am currently reading a book by Mark Kermode in which he is equally angry about the state of cinemas these days. If anything, it’s making me more angry.

Where are the days of the cheap seats, the clickety clack of the reel and the good candy?

They are gone. Replaced by assigned seats, digital projectors and candy that tastes like foam.

Ack. All the more reason to not bother, I guess…



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  1. Well, see here dear heart, until I can afford the full movie screen with plush seating in my own abode.:):):) I shall have to sacrifice my hard earned gelt to go and lose myself in the story of technicolor giants. However the popcorn tubs the size of my first car and the absence of either snowcaps or goobers is at the top of my gripes.

    Signed, tongue in cheek Newty DeMille xxoo

  2. I love going to the movies also! Luckily they have lots of discounts where I’m at for frequent movie goers (and I have a big purse to sneak candy in lol)

    • They do a discount Tuesdays at mine, so I might have to start going on Tuesdays. Big purses, they do help! Plus, no ushers, whatsoever.


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