Depressing Bagel Thursday

I knew I’d made a mistake as soon as I caught the eye of the lady behind the counter. She looked like she wanted to kill me. Like, actually come from behind the counter and murder me horribly. I noted that I would love a drink, and she told me to sit down.

A drink and a bagel. That’s what I was going to have. I order a Diet Coke and a ham and cheese bagel. While waiting, I open my new issue of Attitude, bought entirely on the basis that this is The Sex Issue and I like a bit of sex with my bagels. As is one’s wont.

It’s a pretty depressing place to be sat reading Attitude though. Michael Buble plays in the background and when my bagel eventually arrives, I mentally balk. A massive, thick slice of ham and grated cheese. It’s a bagel, but it makes me sad. It arrives with a regular Coke.

To make matters worse, the cash machine isn’t working.

But never mind, I think.

I’ve had a good day so far. I managed to bring a whopping eleven books back to the library (with a total of one read), handed in my CV at a lot of places and got my issue of Attitude with Caitlin Moran doing the How Gay Are You? test.

But yeah. You know. I wish the bagel was a bit better. Actually, I wish I hadn’t gone in there in the first place and paid 4.75 quid for a Regular Coke and a bagel that tasted of depression and lost hopes and dreams.

What I’m getting to? Because there is a point to this rant?

Yes, there is.

Life’s fucking expensive. Food, expensive. Books, expensive. Even magazines, expensive. Everything costs too much. Seriously, two quid for a fucking Coke?

Even things that help you save money cost too much. I will never forget the day that I came home with a carrier bag from Tesco that cost four quid because it was designed by Orla Kiely.

I spend too much. I am the first to admit that. I spend too much in a way too expensive world. And I never not manage to piss myself off because of that. Tomorrow, I’m clearing up my room and donating books and clothes to charity.

Possibly to make room for more tat.


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