Dressed up. Purple bonnet and semi-thick scarf. Boots and a leather jacket. I feel almost normal. Winter is coming and my defenses against living my own life are thawing. I like winter. I like autumn too. Solemn, like. The weather for crawling up against a loved one to share body heat. For thick duvets and good television. Warm, comforting food. Tomato soup with meatballs.

I’m dressed up.

And as I walk into town, other people are dressed up too. Some don’t know it yet, but snow is coming and they need to get ready.

Am I being a nutter?

Or am I really this excited about cold days and colder nights?

I think I am. I don’t feel at home in summer. All the sweat and the sleepless nights and the incapability to do anything without feeling like your brain is being fried from within.

Spring’s okay, I think. Blossoms and the first signs of life and those smells in the air.

But I like winter and autumn the most. Because I get to dress up and be warm.

I walk through the town, feeling lifted by the fact that I haven’t worn this jacket in ages. I can wear boots! Holy shit, my favorite boots! They feel so comfortable and warm.

Am I being a nutter?

Or am I really, really obscenely excited about my first winter in the UK?


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  1. You’re definitely not a nutter! I prefer the cooler weather too, even though I love to wear as little as possible in hot summer weather. On weekends. When I don’t have to work. Or go anywhere. Which counts for only a handful of days. Other than that, I too like to be able to dress up, the way one can in autumn & winter. So if you’re a nutter, I am one too đŸ˜‰

    Rebel xox


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