Self Care For The Sexies

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been under the weather. A head cold maximus, as I like to call them. No, I shit you not when I say that the first day (most of Sunday) I felt like a rag. I cried buckets and slept through all the day.

But today, the news is prosperous as they say. I feel better. Congested nose, little bit weak, but I feel like a normal person. As normal as a Barenaked Lady can be, minus five percent.

The key to getting through being sick and still being fabulous is self care, of course. I may have neglected this throughout the past few days, which I’m sorry to say didn’t help the situation. But I do know how to take care of oneself. So I thought I’d give you a little guide to what you can do to make yourself feel a bit better when your body feels for the worse.


The Lady’s Guide To Self Care For The Sexies

So, you’re feeling low. Ill. Not in a state to do anything productive.

First thing you do is assess the situation. Are you in need of a doctor? Make an appointment, post haste.  Are you in need of a good chat with someone near and dear? Call, email or meet up with this person. It will help you immensely.

Second thing is to take it slow, especially on the first day. Take some rest. Grab a pile of books and make yourself hot chocolate. Then settle. It’s perfectly alright not to be productive for a day or two. Follow the advice you got from the doctor/your friend.

Eat right. Eat things you love and things that will pep you up. Treat yourself. My favorite treat is a bag of jelly cherries from a wonderful sweets shop down town. (I love them even more now that the vendor told me they’re from Belgium!)

Take the medication your doctor advised you to take. Drink plenty of fluids. Rest!

Slowly start building up your routine again. Make sure you have time to rest in between.

When you feel more like yourself, don’t rush into working. Take a long bath, cook yourself a nice meal and most of all, breathe deeply.

The key to the entire thing is that you can’t rush yourself to being better. Your body and mind need time to heal. Talk to friends, do things that will make you feel better. It will help a whole lot.


So, I guess I need to follow my own rules…




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