Jilly’s Fantasies ~ Snow

Let me take you on a guided tour of my fantasies. These can be erotic, romantic, weird, wonderful… anything goes in my head…




Pure pristine white gold, trickling from the sky. It’s cold, but the snow is crunchy and wonderful. You know that feeling of fresh snow, when you can hear every crack ? Yeah, that’s the stuff of legends.

A roaring hearth in the center of a wintery cottage. Lush, faux-fur carpet spread out on the ground and plush, decadent reading chairs.

And in front of the hearth… two bodies. Warm, entwined. Two people, celebrating something. A birthday, an engagement or just their unbound passion for each other.

She wants to be his naughty snow bunny. Snuggling up against his chest and entwining her fingers in his chest hair. The feeling of his heart beating, the crackle of the fire and time magically standing still.

Because this is perfect. This is them.

He whispers. “I want to make love to you, right here by the fire.”

She says nothing. She lets him take hold of her, with him rolling effortlessly on top. They kiss and kiss and kiss again. They touch. They fondle and they frig.

A little bead of sweat rolls from his forehead. Suddenly, it’s steaming up. The windows are fogging as he slips his erection into her wet entrance. She gasps at just how deep he comes. They keep eyes locked for seconds, maybe hours.

And then he thrusts. Slowly, he builds up a rhythm. They move in synch, her clit grinding against his pubic bone. 

The snow drip drops outside and inside the heat builds. It coaxes its way through them, like they’re connected, like their bodies are one entity.

She cries out his name, followed by swears and ohmygods. She wants so bad for him to come deep inside her.

And when he obliges, he whispers feverishly into her ear.

“I love you.”

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  1. Works for me.

    Very pleased it’s faux fur, too.


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