Save Jilly Boyd

I spoke earlier about walking and talking the walk and the talk. About reclaiming myself.

Then I had a long, long think. And I discovered something quite shitty. I have no idea how to reclaim myself.

When the gods of Earth reclaim themselves, they overhaul their entire system and come out with something new and daring that will most likely shock their fans. Madonna was a vibrant young woman singing songs about expressing yourself before she became a wanton sex goddess and begged us to justify her love. Britney Spears went from virginal teenager to latex clad seductress who spun around with a snake in her neck, cooing about being your slave.

I am not a god of Earth.

And that makes me wonder what to do. Should I start small and, like, dye my hair blue? Wear a different pair of shoes? Dress in a different way? Spin around with some sort of reptile in my neck cooing about being your slave/being very very scared of said reptile/possibly screaming and crying?

What constitutes reclaiming yourself? Or am I getting it mixed up with reinvention?

What do I need to do to get back to me? I’ve been so lost that I feel like I’m going sideways instead of forward. I keep getting concerned about petty things, things that I really shouldn’t worry about. I keep thinking I’m going to lose the good things I have.

So, I am launching a campaign. With loving ode to my muse, Rubyyy Jones, I am launching Save Jilly Boyd. With the purpose of reclaiming, honouring and loving the creative, sparkly, spiritual and mad as hatter wild child that is me.

Expect changes and tiddlywinkses in the coming months!

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  1. Poppy St Vincent

     /  October 9, 2012

    I understand. I understand because I have started the same journey. I don’t know quite when I lost me but I had believed I was all found once I had made one change- big joke.
    I am starting with my voice, my words. Except since I decided to start like that I lost my voice (in real life) and have found writing next to impossible.
    So, if I may make one suggestion, watch it for the curve balls and obstacles you get. I think when you find those you are on the right path.
    You are your very own prince chopping through the thorns.

  2. I might be shouted down for this… but stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about DOING something. Learn something, practice something, expand your skills. You find yourself through what you do, not what you are. It’s just skin and bone – it’s what you do with it that matters.


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