Girls And Boys

I was scouring the pages of The Vagenda just now, looking for their riff on this month’s UK Cosmo. Yes, I do like taking the piss out of that rag. And guess what? I’m going to do it again!

This issue features an article in their “Manthropology” section about why men and women can’t be friends. The fact that the word “Manthropology” exists alone makes me choke on my Frosties.

This article is based on a study by the University of Wisconsin. Why this study was more useful than a study on, say, anything of more matter in the world, is not explained.

I would like to go on record (probably along with many, many of you out there) and say that this is utter bullshit.

For the longest time, I’ve been friends with men. In fact, there was a time in my life where I hung out with the guys in my class exclusively. Not because I was into them, or wanted to be cool. It was because I genuinely loved talking to them about Pokemon, music and any of their interests.

There was no pressure to be someone else. I could just be Jilly around them, and they wouldn’t mind.

I like hanging out with men as much as I like hanging out with women. Doesn’t mean I want to bump genitals with them. In my opinion, Cosmo has forgotten that men and women aren’t two tribes going to war. We’ve realized years ago that men are actually cool to talk to. And vice versa.

Men are perfectly capable to “resist womenly wiles”. Contrary to what Cosmo thinks, they have space in their brains for something else than beer, boobs and footie. It’s not all about sex.

So, cheers to boys and girls being friends. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to give my male friends a big cuddle.

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