Cultural Differences

Seeing as I live in one of the more multicultural parts of London, I’ve had somewhat of a culture shock in the past few days. Having spent three months trying to figure out the aesthetics behind the Essex style, I have now spent the last week trying not to get blown away by all the nationalities that have passed me on the streets.

The weirdest thing about Willesden however is not the nationalities, nor anything else related to race or culture.

It’s the fact that none of the shops apparently take debit cards.

I have spent the last half an hour wondering around for lunch, and got sent away in three different places, because no-one could take my debit card.


But as I was saying, Willesden is a joy. Just a few days ago, I got to observe the man from the internet cafe in prayer mode. Just now, I got politely sent away because Friday is apparently a day of religion, and the cafe was observing a prayer break.

When I arrived back at the cafe, it seemed like the entire Muslim population of Willesden had turned up there. I watched, as person after person streamed out,  ready to go on with their weekends as planned. This little moment of silence piqued a curiosity in me.

I’ve had my on and off bouts of spirituality. It’s a healthy bit of curiosity that lead me to research Wicca and Paganism for a few years. You know me, dear reader. I was born curious. And now this. Trying to find my own definition of spirituality has been a long and winding road. And I have a feeling that it’s not yet over.

Not that I’m planning on converting to the Islam, but I just feel this urge to learn more about it. I like mythology, I like the stories behind things. I want to know!

Spirituality is a quest. Even if you say you’re not a spiritual person, I’m guessing that there is something that drives you in that way. Just me, I guess, but it seems like that.

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