Tick Tick Tick Tick Boom

Whenever I watch Adam Richman on Man V. Food, I get a bit annoyed. Sure, I love the show to bits and it is the lesser of two evils when faced with five hours of Come Dine With Me on the other channel (or when it comes to Come Dine, any channel). But you just have to look at this guy and his audience of foodie maniacs to know that there is something intrinsically wrong about their mindset.

I mean, the dude belching “This is history in the making!” all over the opening credits alone gets on my system. “Stuff of legends”, “Absolute food gods”…. you can probably add to this list in your own time, if you’ve seen this poxy show.

All of this?

Absolute tosh.

Eating a massive cheeseburger or swallowing eleven ghost chillies on the whole does not make you a “legend”. It does make you a massive bellend.

But what does make you a legend? Albeit a small one to start out with?

I’m not sure…

But I think doing NaNoWriMo must lead the way to some sort of status as a legend.

As the clock struck midnight last night, I felt an involuntary shudder. Twenty-four hours. Will they be laying flowers on my life after that?

I’ve done this before. Twice, in fact. And twice, I have failed to hit even the 20k mark. The first year, I folded at 4k. Last year, I folded at 11k.

But not this year.

I am a different person now. I live in a different country, I am (slightly) more mature as a writer/human and I actually believe I have a winning idea this time around. And if I can’t get to my word count on my novel alone, I have three side projects that I need to start on that tally up to a minimum total of 12k. So, I am prepared. I even stocked up on coffee and sugar, and I have positioned myself in front of the television for occasional distraction. I have my own personal Mrs. Motivator, in the shape of the lovely Justine Elyot, on stand by. I have an incredible and absolutely wonderful boyfriend in the shape of Himself, who motivates me by just being…. well, himself. And I have… well, I hope I have time on my side.

I will be blogging about my experiences on both this blog and Dork Adore. Please do excuse me if you find me slacking on other tidbits of my life.

It’s twenty to five on the evening of October 31st. Seven hours and twenty minutes.








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  1. Love the new look of your site!
    Wishing your fingers to fly across the keyboard & you get to 50K! You will be da’ bomb! 🙂

  2. I can almost feel the room shaking.


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