How It’s Supposed To Be

So, as you may have gathered from my previous post, I’m doing this NaNo thang. I started, like a good girl, at midnight, and managed to spit out 1.7 k in an hour and a half. Add to that the fact that I hit my 2k for today with 200 extra words, and you’d think I’m on a roll.

Except, not, because I’m having serious trouble.

I’ve got this immense desire to do shit right. To produce the best work I can produce. And that’s not what NaNo is about, apparently. It’s about producing 50.000 words in 30 days. They don’t have to be good words. They don’t have to be the right words. They just have to be words.

I had this novel planned in my head. Really. It worked, I swear.

But, of course, I overdid it on my first day. Now, I feel like I’m capable of nothing. My ass hurts, I’ve drunk more Coke than I’ve ever done, and all I am is tired.

It’s not even an erotic novel. It was supposed to be a comedy about turning thirty. What it is shaping up to be is one-hundred pages of stream of consciousness bullshit.

I realize I’m being too hard on myself. I realize I’m perfectly allowed to make mistakes in this piece, but I still feel like I’m massively out of my depth. I’m trying to combine my main novel with a few short stories, which will hopefully help me on the way to 50k this year.


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  1. My view of nano is that you write whatever’s in your head. It might not be perfect, you can cut that in edit and write it into something else, the important thing is getting your words on paper.

    If you’ve ever followed writers on YouTube or twitter you’ll know that the first stage of writing often bears no resemblance to the finished project. A Mr S King, for example, has a whole drawer of work which is unfinished or imperfect. His latest work was from this drawer.

    As a writer, the important thing is that you write. Whether what you write is good or not, well that doesn’t matter. A few years and some perspective in editing can do the world of good. Use it as an experience. If you write 10k good words and 40k crap, that crap may be useful in future and that 10k could turn into an 100k novel.

    But know this ‘Jilly’. There are people out here who’ve seen your writing and we believe in you. 50k over a month is a blog post a day, don’t tell me you can’t do that! All a story is, is weaving a coherent plot line behind experience.

    Look at the authors who participate in 1k1hr. If you work a standard 9-5 that’s 37.5 hrs (and 37.5k) per week. You can do this. You know you can.

  2. If I have to don the pom poms, you know I will! You can do this, lovely girl!

    LP x

  3. I’m leery of anything that seems to be setting a quota: some days you’re clicking, some days you’re not. I don’t see the point of forcing it if all you get is a thousand words you know you’re just going to dump next session (this has happened to me). Two weeks ago I was right in the doldrums, last week I was back on the saddle – you can’t surf if there’s no wave!


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