I Am And Also Not ~ Schrödinger’s Sex Blogger

I’ve been blogging since February 15th, 2011, which is three months shy of two years. I had no set rules for this blog, other than that I would write about anything that came to mind about sex and my life. The first few months were rather more about trivial things that weren’t important in the grand scheme of Lady Laid Bare, but that slowly evolved into what the blog is at this moment.

Now, let me pose you a question, dear reader.

What is my blog anyway?

The question spawns from a recent MSN conversation I had with the esteemed Lady Pandorah. I would like to point out that this post is not meant as an accusation or an angry rant directed at her. I am merely stating my ponderings relating to said conversation.

Lady P noted that she thought my blog hadn’t found its niche yet. I said that I don’t think I need a niche to call myself a sex blogger. In turn, I asked her what a sex blog should be according to her. She stated that it should be high on erotic content, with sexual experiences writ out.

Which is not really what my blog is about. My blog is about finding myself, in life, love and writing as stated in my tagline. There’s sexual content, of course, but that’s part of my life now and forever. There’s erotica, but that’s natural seeing as I’m doing this writing thing on a regular basis now.

Which begs the question. Am I still able to put claim on the tag of sex blogger?

And while you’re at it, here are some questions for you to answer.

Isn’t sex blogging a niche in itself?

Does one need a sub niche to make it official?

What defines a sex blog for you?

Is there a certain level of expectations a sex blogger needs to keep to?


Food enough for a hearty discussion, I think.


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  1. In principle, I think you’re right insofar as sex blogging is a niche in itself – it’s a genre of blog that is both infamous (for obvious reasons) and ignored (by many other bloggers) – of course, there’s also crossover; lifestyle blogs, for example, often have a little sex in them and some straddle lines completely. But I think a blog which is up there with erotic content or veering towards the more explicit side is niche enough to be called a sex blog. You write erotic fiction, so I definitely think so.

    I’ll agree that some sex blogs have more of a niche – in fact, some try (in my opinion) a little too hard to fit into one! As sex is such a diverse subject, I think trying to slot yourself into a particular pigeonhole – “I like BD/SM”, “I like girls,” “I post naked pictures,” “I am a submissive,” “I review sex toys” – is setting a dangerous precedent, as it can eventually lead to suggestions that you only like one aspect of sex, and are – ergo – boring! A lot of the sex blogs I read, I like because they are varied – one person taking about more than one aspect of sex if it interests them is a good blogger, in my opinion.

    However, although being in a subdivision (if you must consider yourself that – I don’t) is putting yourself more into a category, I agree with LP as to what a sex blog is. But I don’t think you need to go further into classification than “I write about sex” in order to own a sex blog.

    And what is more appropriate than sexual exploration if you’re going to write about finding yourself?

  2. I think Lady P’s definition is far too narrow. Sex is such a human part of our lives, it should not be put into a neat box that has nothing to do with any other aspect of our lives. It is holistic.

  3. I’m glad you opened up this discussion on your blog. As I posited to you, mine is just one view and it’s always wise to see what others think.

    Whilst I do, of course agree with AmyBeth that sex is part of our lives, that’s an essential truth, I think, Jilly, you may have misinterpreted what I said. For me personally, to be a sex blogger I think that sex – be it in the discussion or exploration of sexuality, the act itself, arguments or issues in relation to sex – should be an overriding theme of that writer’s blog output. And that can *include* the description of sexual experiences, but is not necessarily exclusively.

    Once again, your blog is your own personal creation, reflecting who you are or how you want to be represented. In that respect, this blog is a mirror of its awesome lovely writer, one whose journey and personal blossoming (Eugh, terrible phrase,sorry!) I always am interested in reading about, even though I don’t always find time to comment on your posts.

    LadyP xx


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