Upside Down You Turn Me

He’s in the bathroom. I’m in his room (where I seem to be living these days, not that I’m complaining) watching The X Factor. I’m naked, upside down, trying to distinguish Dermot Whatever from the judges from the set, as upside down makes things go a little bit weird in my vision.

I’m also feeling myself up, but that’s an entirely different matter.

He walks in. I scoot over to give him room.

“Don’t move.” he says.

He settles on top of me and we make out while Jahmene Douglas sings “Don’t Leave Me This Way”.

He notes (or do I?) that this feels a bit illicit to make out to. But a very apt song though.

He slides inside me effortlessly and we make love like two unhinged beasts.
It feels like… like nothing else. I can’t describe it. It’s just really good sex, I think. Sex down to its essence is about two people connecting on a very intimate level, which is exactly what it feels like.

Even more when he grunts “I want more, more, more of you!”

And I let him have it all.

When he finally collapses into a heap of worn out Loverboy, he looks… he does look angelic. At peace. One with himself.

And I love that.

Upside down sex is the best.



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