The Delicate Art of Mutual Masturbation

“I have a finger vibrator. Would you like me to use it on you?”

Simple question, simple answer.

“Uh, yeah, why not?”

He delves into the bits and bobs under his bed and fishes out his collection of naughty things. I watch curiously as he tries to locate the tiny menace.
Eventually, he apologizes for apparently having lost the thing, but then I feel something buzzy on my clit.

What my genius boyfriend has done is to take a vibrating cock ring and turn it into a finger vibe.

He plays with it. Tests the waters and sees how I react to the sparkly thingamajiggy. The experiment comes out positive.

“Would you like me to wear this while I’m inside you?”

I nod.

It takes some wrigglybobbity, but as soon as he’s inside me, it feels quite… well… good. Weird at first, but as we get into the spirit of sex, it kinda gels with me.

The sex is amazing. It’s never not amazing.

He pulls out after the second round of climactic goodness and raises himself up. The cock ring slides off and rests on my clit. I play with it, which inspires him for a little play himself.

“I’ve already come. But I want to come again.”

I nod and watch as the scene unfolds. He lies down next to me and we play with ourselves.

It’s quite fascinating to see him do so. There’s this beautiful look of rapturous euphoria on his face as he descends into pleasure. Personally, I think I look like I’m being repeatedly punched in the bits.

His orgasm is amazing.

“Holy shit!” I exclaim, being my usual erudite self. I watch as he ejaculates all over himself. Have I said that it’s amazing yet?

He takes a while to get back to his normal breathing rhythm. “I better catch up.” I say, before letting loose on myself and rolling into a really wonderful orgasm that is sealed with a kiss from him.

Afterwards, we giggle and he smears cum on my chest. I inadvertently get some on my arm as I snuggle into his nook (between his shoulder and his underarm).

And as we snuggle in said nook, it occurs to me that this really is practically perfect in every way.

Afterwards, wet wipes.

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  1. This was actually quite hot.

    There is nothing worse for me, after amazing sex and the a bit of spooning, having to then wipe someones dry cum from myself and him. It takes a bit of the awesomeness away.

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