Important Mothering Matters

So, big week coming up in this Lady’s universe.

For one thing, it’s my birthday next week, in which I turn the grand old age of 22. Expect a long and whiny retrospective post… except not. The second thing is that after six months of not seeing each other, Mamma Boyd will be gracing the hallowed English shores for a day.

And she will be meeting Loverboy.

La Momento Grande in the world of Important Mothering Matters. She’s seen him before, while Skype-ing with me, but on Wednesday, she’s actually here. In the flesh. And she will meet Loverboy, also very much in the flesh.

I’m slightly nervous. Can you tell?

I’ve never actually introduced a man to my mother (well, he is my first boyfriend). It’s nerve-wracking. My mother can’t speak a lot of English, so we’ve got that as a problem. And Loverboy does not, as far as I know, master the Dutch language, so that’s problem two.

But I’m happy to see my mother again. And I’m happy I can introduce this wonderful man to her (and my uncle, who will be joining her on the trip).

I never thought I would end this year with a relationship and a new home. Now if I could begin the new year with a job, that would be smashing.

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  1. Awww excited for you all! Really looking forward to celebrating your Birthday too! … I do hope the Mothering Meet is not on hungover Sunday 😉 -x-

    • Thank you! And I’m looking forward to it too. Nope, it’s on Wednesday, so well ahead of the larks and laughs.



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