All Of The Lights

I woke up this morning. Well, yeah, that’s what you tend to do on a morning, unless you’re recently deceased, in which case you don’t tend to wake up at the sound of your boyfriend vacating the bed to go and “have a chat” with his parents.

My point being that it’s a surprise I woke up. I was fully expecting to be next to comatose for a week or more, given that this has been an incredible head rush of a week.

Mamma Boyd did indeed come to visit, which was nice, although too brief for my liking.

My birthday was a very relaxed affair, with lots of food, but disappointingly enough, no birthday sex (although there were underlying circumstances that I’m not getting into for the sake of my sanity). I got some lovely presents and alone time with my lovely fella, who took me out to a tearoom and an Indian restaurant. Curry was had, Nostalgia Critic was watched. All in all a vast improvement from last year, where I basically cried all day.

The Erotic Meet Christmas party was a highlight of my year, not in the least because I got to spend it as a couple, with the people I’ve come to love and cherish. I posted on Twitter (in relation to this and my birthday) that I absolutely adore my adopted family of pervs. And it’s very true. I’ve never felt more safe than I do right now.

Last night, there were two lovely moments. One took place in Holly Revell’s Darkroom Grotto, where myself, ILB, Lady Pandorah, Blacksilk and Rose got our picture taken together. It was our first group picture and a defining moment, because it made me realize that I am not alone in this country. I do have people to fall back on and I do have friends.

The second took place in a cafe down the road from the venue, where the three couples (ILB and myself, Lady P and Mister and Blacksilk and Crush) had a late dinner and a catch-up. It was rather wonderful to have this gang together, I must say. We don’t oft get to do that. Maybe Loverboy’s suggestion of the six of us shacking up in a castle could work?

Anyway. I need a bit of sleep.


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  1. What a lovely title for this post that reads like a new beginning.

    It was a lovely evening, as you say, to spend in the company of good people.

    Here’s to an even awesome-er 2013 for you my dear Jilly!

    LP x

  1. 2013 « ~ Lady Laid Bare~

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