Things That Piss Me Off : Media Edition

Okay. I’m going to go on a small rant. If you are not in the mood for hearing me go off on one, kindly skip this post and keep watching for more sexy adventures and all that. However, if you have been pissed off by things (anything really) in the media in the past weeks and want to join in with my rantage, feel free to read and comment.

Things in the media that piss me off.


I was thumbing through the newspaper a few days ago when I saw it. It’s been annoying me for a couple of weeks now, not in the least because none of it makes any bloody sense. Then again, perfume commercials never do, but this one in particular gets on my wick.

Yes. It’s the Brad Pitt does Chanel N°5 commercial; a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, topped off with a healthy sprinkling of very fragrant and overly eloquent nonsense.

The ad, which appeared in The Guardian (and possibly many other papers) was a picture of Brad Pitt looking like he hadn’t shaved nor been near a hairdresser for six months, with the words

Chanel N°5


emblazoned underneath.

Seriously, what the actual Christ. How can a perfume be INEVITABLE? Perhaps it’s because you officially can’t go into a Debenhams or Boots without seeing Brad Pitt’s massive face plastered on the wall next to a Chanel perfume stand. He is literally everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Perfume ads are the epitome of random. I can understand that you can hardly advertise smell on television (since smell-o-vision has not been invented yet) but my word, have you seen the commercial that goes with the print ad for this one?

They should relabel it. For one day only, Chanel will be called BRAD PITT’S MASSIVE FACE. INEVITABLE.



This morning, I found the link to an article by Lena Dunham. I’ve heard a lot about her in the past month or so, mainly due to the feminist shitstorm that her television series Girls caused. I have never seen an episode of Girls (although I am keen to do) but I did read the article. It was a beautiful eulogy for Dunham’s friend, director Nora Ephron, which can be found here.

I can understand where she’s coming from. When people inspire you, you see them everywhere. No matter how short your time with them was, they left an imprint on your life. Sometimes you don’t even realize this, but it’s true. I found this eulogy a fitting tribute to an absolute cracker of a lady.

And then I read the comments.

Although the ones I read were mostly positive, I can not help feeling irked by the one person who chose to grate on the fact that Dunham (apparently the epitome of white girl privilege) was eulogizing Ephron (apparently another case of white girl privilege).

Can we just put the privilege thing aside and acknowledge that Dunham wrote a very fitting tribute to her friend? She is obviously moved by Ephron’s passing, so why aren’t we letting her be moved?



When the story broke that Kate Middleton was expecting a baby, I was sort of expecting the media to spontaneously jizz themselves. I did, in all honestly, not expect just how much jizz there would be left to clean up.

As you know, Kate was admitted to hospital with a severe case of hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness as the media dubbed it. This forced the royals to come out with the news of the pregnancy before Kate had reached the end of the critical first twelve weeks.

Yeah, you would think that it would stop the media from making a fuss about it.

But with The Fail Online posting a composite shot of what the baby would look like, The Huffington Post wondering what maternity clothes she would wear and several outlets managing to both mention this pregnancy and slag Diana off in the process….

I was wrong.

I’m sure this is not what Kate imagined her first pregnancy to be like, what with every newspaper in the country fighting for an exclusive with means stopping just short of shoving a homing device up her vagina just to keep track of her progress. Add to this the death of Jacintha Saldhana, the nurse involved in the cruel prank call incident and you’ve got the start of a very long nine months, media-wise.


Thus ended my rant. Hate on me if you want. Go on.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that slagging off Diana wasn’t on the press’ minds. The press have always liked Diana, since she became a deity by dying; what the Evening Standard managed to do was have a half-page gush-fest about how amazing her parenting skills were.

    I’m hoping they don’t call the baby Diana. They won’t, of course, but when they don’t, there will be one section of the public (not to mention the Daily Sexpress, which is the main “conspiracy to kill her” paper) will never forgive the Royal Family for this.

    It’s not easy being the Queen of the Future.

  2. I think that a commercial remains a commercial no matter what. If Brad Pitt, goes with “INEVITABLE.” indeed it looks lit bit forced, but that’s with a reason only. It think that’s the main purpose of the commercial, to strike a simple idea : that Chanel users are inevitable buying it. It’s a word game that the media company did it very well that pushes up the next idea indirect.


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