Positivity Saturday

I’ve not had a smasher of a week to be honest. It was filled with headaches, bad weather and missing my boyfriend, who had decamped to Germany to see 47 and his girlfriend. But, to counteract said stuff, I have decided to bring a bit of positivity into this day. So, get ready to be glitterbombed with positivity.



Things I’m grateful for…

Waking up with a cup of coffee ~ Walking in the morning~ Fizzy Mix ~ Shadow of a Doubt unexpectedly being on More4 the other day ~ Being commissioned to ramble on about Hitchcock in an article ~ FELT TIPS is now for sale, people! ~  ILB’s cat keeping me company ~ Naps! ~ The Sex Myth by Dr. Brooke Magnanti ~ Getting a job interview!~ Slowly getting my creative energy back ~ Making magic happen in life ~ Getting Christmas cards from absolutely loverly people~ And most of all, ILB returning home tonight!


Articles I liked this week …

Marian Keyes talks to The Guardian about her depression and writing.

Lena Dunham pays tribute to Nora Ephron.

Neil Gaiman gives a speech, throws truthbombs all over the place.

A handy guide on how to survive when everything sucks by Alexandra Franzen.

Pictures of a book being made, a beautiful article on the process of writing.


A picture, just for you…. you-dont-say



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  1. Yayyyy!! Lots o’ sex to be had tonight! xxx


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