(actual thing that happened)


Jillian and ILB are bathing in the afterglow of ridiculously good sex.

Suddenly, Jilly hears a noise.

A moan-like noise…

“What’s that?” says Jilly.

“Can’t hear anything.”

Again, a moan. Several moans even.

“Is that your parents?”

“Can’t be. They always put on music or some whale noises.”



Both Jilly and ILB are stunned. It is obviously the sound of spanking.

“Please tell me your parents aren’t secretly into BDSM?”

“EH, NO?!”

“Maybe it’s outside?”

“Open the window and have a listen?”

Jilly opens the window. The noise isn’t coming from outside. Jilly sits down…

… and then realizes something.

“It’s the DVD.”


“I left the DVD player on.”

Yes, the DVD player, containing a copy of Crash Pad Volume One, was still on and still playing.

I must say, big relief…

We burst out in laughter and stay like that for about five-hundred years. After that, we get back to re-exploring each other’s body. Who said sex wasn’t funny?

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  1. It would have been an interesting morning at the breakfast table, that’s for sure. xxx


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