Tickle Me Tease Me

“Guess who’s coming?”

I immediately invoke the Slowpoke face, as I literally haven’t a clue.

“We talked about him earlier.”

“Eh… Who’s com… Ah. 47.”

Indeed, it is 47 who has texted ILB with the message that he’s due to arrive at the station. Half an hour later, 47 materializes in the bedroom. We spend most of the night involved in a Mario Party battle on the DS, which leads to many, many cries of “BALLS!”, “SHITE!” and other assorted curses.

At some point, I find myself alone with ILB. He leans in and whispers…

“I really wanted to have sex with you earlier on, but then 47 came in…”

A tantalizing promise of things to come, so it turns out.

After we say goodnight to our esteemed guest, I stalk off to the loo.

“And after that, we have fun.”

“Fun with my penis inside you?”


After I come back, we undress and, like the super cool awesome people we are, read in the nude. Like a boss. We eventually put our books down and resort to cuddling, because God knows that I need a bit of comfort after the last few weeks. I roll on to my front and he rolls on top of me. I can feel his hard cock against the cleft of my bumcheeks, nudging. It makes me confused about what I really want.

“What do you want me to do, baby?”

So I give the lamest answer I can give. “I don’t really know.”

He settles beside me and cuddles me.

“What would I have to do to have you take me from behind?”

“Well, I’d have to be on my knees, your arse needs to be in the air…. and you’d need to be wet.”

To my horror I realize I’m not wet yet… This causes a moment of insecurity that is quickly resolved by my brilliant idea to pillock about with the tickling feather I bought a few months ago.

As he teases and tickles me to the brink of insanity, I wriggle and giggle. Finally, I am relaxing.

“Turn over.” he growls.

I do.

The feeling of him entering me is a delight. We (and excuse me for clicheying) fuck like depraved rabbits, until we both collapse, exhausted. But I want more of him, more, more more! It’s beautiful enough to make me burst into tears and thank him. He thanks me in return.

We stay like that for a long while, until I ask him to move off me. The cum is dripping out of me, and I lie, not yet satisfied. So I begin to frig myself, which spurs him on to jerk himself off. We watch, the silence occasionally punctured by me uttering praise for his gorgeous cock.

Afterwards, bathing in the afterglow, we talk about sexy food. As you do.



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  1. I totally didn’t growl. I purred!


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