A Christmas Message

There’s a chance you might not read this, either today, tomorrow or ever. But I thought I’d put the following out there. Apologies if this all sounds a bit wanky.

2012 has been… well, a year. A massive year, filled with a lot of LIKE WHOA moments. Not just for me, I think, but for most of you readers (or all of you. Possibly.)

In one year, I…

Met friends old and new.

Got the chance to attend the inaugural edition of Eroticon and meet some of my heroes.

Got featured in two newspapers.

Became a writer for websites.


And fell in love with the most amazing young man you could ever imagine.

I genuinely could not be more grateful for all those things happening to me. I feel loved. And I feel ridiculously in love with my Loverboy.

I want to thank you people for just being there. For being amazing and kind and lovely. And I hope you stick with me. As friends, as readers, as damn good peoples.

And to my Loverboy…

Je ‘t adore, avec tout ma coeur. I am a richer woman for knowing and loving you. And I love you so much.


Merry Christmas from The Lady Laid Bare.


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  1. Happy Holidays! Thanks for amusing and entertaining and impressing with your words. I look forward to following your long career. Cheers, Celia


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