23 Wishes For 2013


This is a thing that actually happened.


So so. 2013. In a couple of hours, that will be a thing.

Instead of doing the standard retrospective thing, I just wanted to put a few wishes out there. Seeing as it is my 23rd year on this here planet, it’s 23 of them.

I Wish …

  1. That my mother comes over a lot more, because I miss her.
  2. That my relationship will grow even stronger and we’ll grow to love each other even more.
  3. That you, my dear readers, have a wonderful year and get everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
  4. For a lot more hot sex!
  5. For the courage to say No with a capital N once in a while.
  6. For the new series of Doctor Who to be freakmazingly good.
  7. For Eroticon 2013 to be equally, if not more inspiring than last year.
  8. For new friends and great teachers.
  9. To get more stories out there.
  10. To work with new and exciting people.
  11. (important one here) For the erotica genre to grow beyond people thinking it’s “just a fad” and blossom into its rightful spot.
  12. For Danny Wallace to bring out a new book.
  13. For the opportunity to attend Slutwalk.
  14. For lots of cuddles.
  15. To find a lovely place to live for me and Loverboy.
  16. For creative light to burst in my head.
  17. For love for everyone in the world.
  18. For people to stop taking things people say out of context.
  19. For feminism to stop being about feminists ripping on other feminists because they don’t believe in their own brand of feminism.
  20. For sensible politics.
  21. For less reality shows (because at least one of them has got to go, right?)
  22. For more rubber duckies in the Thames.
  23. For everyone to have the most amazing and magical year.

Celebrate, dear readers! Happy New Year and see you on the other side of midnight!


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  1. I wish you exciting adventures, joyful surprises and good madness, darling Jilly. May you have all your wishes come true.

  2. I especially love nr. 11!

    Happy New Year sweetie, and may all 23 wishes for 2013 come true for you 😀

    Rebel xox

  3. Happy new year! I hope all your wishes come true xxx


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