First of all, a big and fluffy and exciting happy new year to all my readers, friends and assorted well-meaning folks.

Now that 2013 has gotten off to a…. well, a start, I figured I could do a bit of a retrospective? Combined with a few promises for the next year? Does that sound good? Doesn’t that sound tickety boo? Working on that novel you’ve been working on?

Oh my God, I’ve gone Stewie.

But I digress.

Below are my ten favourite posts from the last year. They may not necessarily be the ones you read the most, but I’m pretty sure you may have seen these.

1. In the category of awesome moments from the last year….

In the spirit of body evolution/revolution, I did something really rather extraordinary at the start of the year. For art’s sake, I had my vagina cast in plaster by Great Wall of Vagina genius Jamie McCartney. The result was a lovely cast of my lady bits, and this very post.

2. The Erotic Take-Over Weekend 2012

In the same weekend as the vagina casting, I did a hell of a lot more. Including my stage debut, which was pretty damn amazing. Read all about it here.

3. Interviewing Barbara Carrellas.

This one speaks for itself. As a part of her book tour for Ecstasy is Necessary, Barbara Carrellas stopped by my blog to answer some questions. The result was a whole pie of tantric awesome.

4. Scene Selection.

A selection of scenes from a very lovely and passionate weekend, which included fondling, erotic literature and fannies.

5. All Of The Lights.

A highlight of the past year, truly. The Erotic Meet Christmas Party brought together a merry band of folk that I have come to regard as family. And I hope that shows in this post.

6. A Very Special Guest.

Fireman Sam. Nuff said.

7. Chairs Through Windows and Other Soft Core Memories.

A reflection on how soft core influenced my life.

8. Ether.

An absolutely beautiful and erotic moment from the bedroom of Jilly and ILB.

9. Whack Be Nimble- My Interview With Christian Madsen.

Have you met Christian Madsen, editor at WHACK! Magazine and all-round cool cat? No? Read this one.

10. My interview with Sophie Delancey.

Part one is here. Part two, hither.



I’ve not made any resolutions for this year. Like, what’s the point?

I do have things that I want to promise to myself this year. (if you want to call it resolutions anyway, feel free. I named it promises to myself just because I don’t want to label it as a resolution. A resolution is a thing you give up anyway, after all.)

I promise to speak up about issues that I care about. I promise to not shy away from giving my opinion. I promise to watch less shitty telly, eat less shitty food and take care of my body. I promise to get my arse in gear and write more stories, so that I can get published.

And a whole lot more.

It’s time to get my big girl panties on. Something I needed to consider after two years in the blogging business.

Happy New Year, cool cats!



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  1. Happy New Year to you. I have been reading your blog for sometime now, although I don’t always comment. But I have to say, how much I admire your sexual freedom. As a gay man, I would love to be as confident with my sexual self as you are.

    • Well, thank you for commenting and reading. I appreciate it greatly. Being confident with your sexual self is a long process, and I hope that you find some solace in my words. I really hope 2013 brings something great for you. xoxo


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