Spontaneous Combustion

There’s a lull in the proceedings of the day. It’s late in the evening, there’s something on TV but it’s not yet on. We wait, and kill time by watching a man eat a whole lot of food.

He kisses me. The kiss is sweet, but soon turns into something more passionate, more desirous.

Soon, we are devouring each other.

He mounts me and we kiss until my head is filled with only one thought (that thought being ICANHAZSEKSNAO?).

He’s rock-hard against me, and I want nothing more than to feel that hardness deep inside me.

And then he suggests it.

“Do you want to do it here?”

(I should point out that we’re in the workspace-comma-lounge, on the couch.)

I giggle. “Yes!”

He pulls his pants down, I take my pants off and lie down, spread open on the couch. Downstairs, his parents rumble.

“What if we get caught?”

“That’s the thrill of it.”

And on that couch, he fucks me to within an inch of my life. I tear at him, dig my nails into his perfect arse and inwardly giggle when he moans “This is so hot”, because yes, quite frankly, it’s THAT hot. My hips buck as we keep fucking until we’re spent.

Frazzled, I get my jeans back on as he does his pants up. We cuddle on the couch, but soon, I discover he’s still hard. I cup his penis through his trousers and mumble something about wanting to play.

“You can play if you like.”

I take his penis out of his trousers, and then decide that I am truly in for the pound, as I get down on my knees in front of him. He pulls his trousers down and what follows could quite possibly be the most enthusiastic, ecstatic head I’ve ever given him.

He likes it. Oh boy, does he ever like it. He tangles his fingers in my hair and reassures me that I can spend as long as I like down there.

And so I do.

When he finally calls time, I feel almost bereft of cock. But never bereft of cuddles, as we are soon doing so again.

I must say, I’ve heard about this thing called spontaneous combustion, but up until last night, I’ve never experienced it up close…


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  1. Cuddles, sex on the sofa (with the risk of being caught) and enthusiastic blow jobs are the stuff of happy days/evenings!



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