The Peace of Wild Things

We needed each other last night.

We need each other all the time, but last night there was something in the air that made the love-making even more intense than it already is.

As Loverboy said in his post yesterday, things have gone into overdrive in our otherwise peaceful lives.

One Saturday morning, upon descending in the kitchen, Mamma ILB told us point blank that they had finally found a new place to move to. One that’s too small to include the both of us. Hence, we needed to look for a new place for just the both of us.

Since that Saturday morning, life has felt like hyperspeed. Loverboy is just about settling in into his new job, trying to pick up work where he can. I’m trying to find a steady job that will leave me enough time to build my writing portfolio. Add to that the frantic search for a new flat, and you’ve got the elements of chaos. A million things to do and not enough time to do them in.

Friday was a particular downer in that aspect. It started out well enough. I joined in with a knitting circle, picked up Loverboy from the station and took him for a coffee and cake. Then, we went into town. And here’s where it all went wrong. Two job agencies turned us away, telling us that “you can go to the website and keep an eye on there”. You’d think that actually making the effort to go through the freezing cold and show up at the agencies would be appreciated but you’d be dead wrong, I tell you.

We managed to register with just about every estate agent in a two-mile radius, without too much of a hassle. That’s until we went to the last agency. The prim and proper lady behind the desk fired a load of questions at us, each one in turn making me more nauseous. It was like I was speaking English and she was speaking Tagalog.

As we ventured into the cold again, I looked at him.

“Can’t we just live in a cave somewhere?”

“Or buy a castle with all the other sex bloggers?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Me too.”

We despaired that night. It was fortunate that we were meeting Robinson and Lovely for a night at the cinema, because Lord knows, we needed the distraction.

Last night, we lamented on how it feels like we’re not spending enough time together. I’ve been craving his touch for ages now, and by the looks of it, so did he.

We kissed.

We touched.

We undressed.

And the longing got the better of us.

We fucked for dear life until it seemed we were spent.

He rolled off me and settled next to me. We talked. Mused.

“I just want to have sex with you everywhere. Everywhere.”

And without any warning, he straddle me again and hammered into me until our heads spun with the joy of reunited ecstasy.

“Yeah, I just want to have sex with you too.” he smiled.

We fucked once more until I couldn’t feel my legs.

We masturbated for each other, with him looming over me for a while. I wanted his cum so badly. And I got it. All over my cheek, in fact.

Afterwards, we took a shower and ate. And we both agreed that this needed to happen more often. Because peace is much needed.

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  1. It’s not ideal but having one another is so helpful and key. *hugs* It will all work out in the end.

  2. At these changing, uncertain moments, it is soothing to know that there will remain some constants in your lives. Hold on to those tightly.

    LP (who would love a sex blogger castle. Chateaux Bloggeur, anyone?) xx

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