Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sex

Well, it’s a post that says exactly what it does on the tin, I think. I love sex for many, many reasons. But I have chosen my top ten reasons and am sharing them with you. See, it says so on the tin.

Note ~ Oral sex is not on there because it warrants a love list on its own. Fact.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sex


  1. The fact that I get to have sex with the most wonderful man in the world.
  2. The intimacy between us.
  3. The silliness that makes light of the situation.
  4. The fact that it has the amazing power to connect two lovers.
  5. Loverboy’s face at the brink of ecstasy.
  6. It relaxes us.
  7. It makes us forget the world around us for a moment.
  9. Post-coital sandwich.
  10. The afterglow and cuddles.



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  1. Aww! Very sweet. Now, is that sandwich figurative or literal? 😉

    LP x

  2. Ella

     /  February 5, 2013

    Just found your blog. It’s beautiful. And damn straight about oral sex needing love list of its own.


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