I Write Sex ~ A Guest Post By Sopphey Vance

The very lovely Sopphey Vance is all up in my blog this morning. Take it away, Sopphey….


I Write Sex


A short manifesto of a poet who dabs in erotica.


I write sex. It’s as simple as that. Yes, I incorporate some characters, some feelings, thoughts, and everything nice into my erotic pieces. But, I primarily deal with sexual highlights. This could label me as a smut peddler, but labels don’t stick.


Sex, my body, and sexuality were mysteries to me growing up. One of my first questions on the topic included: “What is that feeling when my breath staggers and my body clenches in anticipation? What is that anticipation all about? Really, what on Earth is an orgasm?” Naturally, like any pious Texan raised in a Roman Catholic based household, I regarded sex as a “no-no.” The “hush” topic no one talked about, but everyone knew.


Everyone seemed to know about sex, and I picked up tidbits here and there from classmates, television, and literature. It was literature that reached out to me, and literature that made me conscious of sex in the form of romance and erotica. Literary figures such as Ovid, Sappho, Lord Byron, and Anaïs Nin led me to a path of simulation and exploration while simultaneously  creating a drive to write more.


To explore more. To dive into the sensations of what my body craved. To enlist in the wonders of a flowing and ebbing fascination that cradles down a woman’s bosom. A combination of her desires wrapping around points in her body making her ripe, plump. A delicacy to study between my lips.




It’s called eroticism, but I will say it’s sex. It’s an expression on its own. It’s the unforeseen shudders and murmurs my hands have created on the spines of men who took our bodies into a secret cove for our lovemaking. I write this. I live this. I’ve hidden this portion of me for so long, but the truth is always louder.


I write sex.

I write sex.

Do you write sex?

Do you like to read sex?


I’m a curious individual, I want to know. Tell me in the comments below.


Sopphey Vance is a poet and publisher. Her writing has appeared or is to appear in Mouse Tales Press, Cram Magazine, Every Night Erotica, Filthy Secret Books, and in Felt Tips. Poetically speaking, Sopphey’s first collection of poetry Rose Colored Lenses; Jaded Prescription is available in print and ebook format through Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Rose-Colored-Lenses-Prescription-ebook/dp/B008WF7QUW).


Sopphey Vance is Founder and Chief Editor Overlord of the On Impression Network. She’s always looking for submissions for Salon de Madame Odalys, (http://madameodalys.onimpression.com) an erotica blog, and Enhance, (http://enhancemag.onimpression.com) a literary and art magazine.


Find and connect with Sopphey Vance on her blog (http://sopphey.onimpression.com), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/poetsopphey), or Twitter (https://twitter.com/sopphey).

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  1. I write sex. Always have since I found writing about sex (to varying degrees depending on what the plot is about) is where I’m most comfortable at. My 2nd published short story featured the MC using sex as a weapon (with tragic results) at a punk rock concert, and my commercial debut features a MC who’s in debt to her uncle the loan shark and the only way she can raise enough money to pay him off is to become an adult movie actress.

    And sadly, its what has gotten me into the most trouble.

    • Your stories sound interesting and fun, maybe even dangerous. I think getting into trouble isn’t too bad. It makes life exciting.

  2. This is very true. But sometimes it makes it a little difficult to capitalize on, which is something I’m trying to do with this latest glitch.


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